Werewolves Versus Suburbia

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Werewolves Versus Suburbia

Argyle Werewolf

2022-02-09: this product page is here for legacy purposes. If you would like to purchase this issue, please use Itch.io: https://argylewerewolf.itch.io/wv09.

Congratulations, and welcome your new house in Werewolvington, the premiere planned community for modern suburban life! We think you’re going to enjoy our elegant but sturdy home construction, our uninquisitive police department, and easy access to a vast unregulated and unmonitored national forest. But first, please take a moment to read this handbook, featuring tips, tricks, and bloodstain removal techniques from 16 of your new neighbours:

  • Anhedral

  • asgromo

  • Shannon Brady

  • Rizzo Daly

  • DogBlud

  • J. Grzesny

  • Cody Lockhart

  • Sarah Mikkonen

  • Ricki Nichols

  • QuebecoisWolf


  • V.T. Royal

  • Lucy Hannah Ryan

  • C. Schalk

  • D'andre Tillman

  • Adrian Whitmere

As with every other pay-what-you-want issue of WEREWOLVES VERSUS, the artists and writers listed above will receive a percentage of every sale. If you like what you see, please consider supporting us. Thank you!

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