Werewolves Versus Hollywood

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Werewolves Versus Hollywood

Argyle Werewolf
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2022-02-09: this product page is here for legacy purposes. If you would like to purchase this issue, please use Itch.io: https://argylewerewolf.itch.io/wv05.

For as long as there have been movies, there have been werewolf movies. But not every werewolf in film gets caught on camera. This 167-page issue chronicles the exploits of lycanthropes in cinema, from the ruthless schmoozing of modern-day Los Angeles back to the elegance and prestige of the first talkies… and even further, to before the dawn of man.

Featuring art, comics, poetry and short stories by: 

  • Aaron Yeung

  • Chris Pearce

  • Claire Count

  • David McCoy

  • Dobescrusher

  • Dylan Fields (with Juan C. Moreno)

  • Frank Bruce

  • Hamstertoybox

  • Jennifer Cooksey & Brandon Harding

  • Lesley Keogh

  • Lucian Clark

  • nothere

  • Quebecoiswolf

  • Rock Creek Werewolf

  • Virtualysis

...and dress-flipping Marilyn Monroe cover art by Tandye Rowe.

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167 pages
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