Werewolves Versus Music

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2022-02-09: this product page is here for legacy purposes. If you would like to purchase this issue, please use Itch.io: https://argylewerewolf.itch.io/wv03.

You think the only music werewolves can make is by howling at the moon? Wrong. WRONG! In the light of the dashboard or the strobes of an outdoor concert, from the humid alleys of New Orleans to the streets of a dystopian city caught in an uprising, werewolves are making music, dancing to music, transforming to music, completely werewolfing out to music.

This 150+ page collection features short stories, comics, paintings, essays and even a downloadable song by: 

  • Laura "OC" B

  • Jennifer Cooksey

  • Viergacht

  • Byron Dunn

  • Fringecrow

  • Colin Janz

  • JD Laclede

  • Joey Liverwurst

  • Juan C. Moreno

  • nothere

  • Chris Pearce

  • Quebecoiswolf

  • Paul Quinton

  • Andrew Scott

  • Tah the Trickster

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Werewolves Versus Music

1 rating
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